Marketing Update 3: August 26th, 2014

by Michael Deparini, June 15, 2015

Big Thank You to all of our Registrars! We have sold almost 2,400 CEO and Best domains with a retail value over $400,000 since launch.

On September 15 2014, we will be launching the Dashes and Digits Discount Tier AND Two Character Domains.

The Dashes and Digits Discount Tier

$19 Year 1, $49 Year 2 retail price tier
This promotion applies to eligible domains sold prior to December 31 2014 unless ended earlier or extended.

Commencing September 15, .CEO and .Best domains (min 4 chars) that include a dash or a digit, will be sold to our Registrars for:

  • $12 for the first year (after applying the year 1 rebate of $18)

  • $30 renewal for the second year and beyond












How to participate:

  1. Opt in using the following form - Dashes and Digits Sale Opt-In
    Registrars must opt in by September 1 to take part in this promotion

  2. Promote the sale using 1 of the 2 options:

      1. Place promotion on your home page (above the fold), OR

      2. Send out a mailer to your customers (at least 80% of total email contacts should be mailed)

  3. At the end of each month, we will tally up the names that were sold, and pay your year 1 rebate of $18 (30-12)

  4. Use the Dashes and Digits pricing API endpoint (below) for validating the retail price on your domain spinner.

Administrative Note:

Our registry back-end provider Neustar has been provided with a list of over 90,000 of the most popular dash-and-digit names. - See attached for list of most popular dash-and-digit names

In addition we have built an API endpoint that returns the dash and digit pricing for any complying string:,,

If you sell a complying string that is not in the Neustar Dashes and Digits price Tier, we will provide you a $58 (70-12) credit for the year 1 purchase and advise Neustar to allocate the string to the Dashes and Digits price tier from year 2 onwards.


and there’s more…..


Over 1,000 Hot Two Character Domains

.CEO and .Best Two Character Domains will be released on September 15th.

The recommended retail price is $999/yr, Registrar price is $799.20/yr

This opens up many great domain names for both CEOs that prefer to use their initials or businesses and individuals who prefer to keep their domain names short.

Collision Names in 90 days

As many of you are aware, ICANN recently implemented a process to release names that appear on the Collision list, which will should allow us to offer a large list of .CEO and .Best domains in November of this year.  

This will allow us to provide some amazing new SLDs, such as:


Brand Domains

Generic Domains








Brand Domains

Generic Domains