ICANN 53 Wrap Up

by Michael Deparini, July 03, 2015

.CEO Registry Addresses ICANN - “Universal Acceptance is the Key”:

“ICANN need to do more to help the new gTLDs with universal acceptance and consumer awareness...” was the message Jodee Rich delivered to ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehade at the Registry Operator Roundtable on Thursday, June 25. 

This was met with open ears with Fadi inviting Jodee to speak with Akram Atallah to discuss plans to assist with universal acceptance marketing.

Later in the ICANN Open Forum, Jodee Rich followed up his remarks by stating that, “...unless we create awareness for the people on the street, this is going to be a very, very slow and painful process for all of us.”

Jordyn Buchanan, from Google, later echoed the sentiment stating “I want to come back to the conversation Jodee started earlier but come at it a slightly different way... ICANN has the opportunity, and I would say responsibility, to help people understand that these things have arrived, and that they work and how they fit into the rest of the Internet in order to address that concern that the community identified up front going into the program.”

Rich’s comments were met with overall agreement from the crowd, and his sentiments were echoed by many others...


Identity, Community, Network

We met with many outstanding registries to share our mantra, “Identity, Community, Network”, and show how creating communities out of the new gTLDs can assist in registration, usage and renewal numbers.

As a result, our parent company, PeopleBrowsr, will be launching marketing campaigns for .Club, .Love, .Design, .London, .Fit, .Build and many more!  

We are ready to help both Generic and Brand TLDs take charge of their customers and registrants.  To learn more, you can see the 1 minute video at SocialOS.io, and go to TLDPlatform.Best to learn more how we can help TLDs

DNA Thought Leader Video Series

Jodee Rich was invited to contribute his view on gTLDs in a DNA Thought Leader video which will be aired later this month on the DNA YouTube Channel.


Radix takes us back to the 20’s

Jodee Rich, and team, greatly enjoyed the Roaring 20’s Radix Party, which is arguably the best Radix party to date!